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Lauren is an independent dance artist, choreographer and facilitator. Her choreographic practice involves creating viscerally immersive worlds through movement improvisation, sourced physical materials and spoken word. Through a strong somatic and feminist pedagogy, her dance work invites audiences into a world of sensory stimulation and connectivity.

Having graduated with a first class BA(hons) in contemporary dance from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance Lauren also completed her MA Choreography with Leeds Beckett University in September 2019. She received the Kathleen Tattersall Leadership Award from NSCD in 2015 and attended the Play Practice Residency Programme in Bangalore India where she collaborated with dance artists from across the world. Lauren’s work has received professional mentoring from dance artists Theo Clinkard and Matthias Sperling.

As a dance artist, Lauren’s work allows people to connect to the pleasurable detail of the moving body and is always collaborative in nature. It transports audiences into a shared world in which new ideas can be conceived and explored, posing questions that intrigue and excite. she creates multifaceted, immersive work that allows us to reconfigure our understanding of the world we live in.

Lauren’s practice is rooted in finding joy through movement and empowering people to connect to dance in different ways. By connecting with people through this Lauren aims is to make the world a better place through dance.

Lauren has worked with many different artists across various art forms both nationally and internationally. These including Kei Miyata, Ben Duke, Angus McLean Balbernie, Carlos Pons Guerra, Abhilash Ningappa, Marie Older, The Blue Dive, Claudia Scenettger, Miquel Barcelona, Prashant More and Macha Collective.

Skills: contemporary dance, improvisation, choreography, somatic pedagogic practice, released based teaching, contact work, creative youth work, community teaching, leading professional level class and movement for actors.

MA Choreography Modules: Improvisation, Artist Teacher, Dramaturgy, Commission, Choreographers Mentor Project, Research and Development & Choreographers Final Project.



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